SWADHAN – Male Buffalo Calf Rearing

What we like to call the agricultural revolution 4.0

Swadhan aims to realise the full potential of a currently under-utilised asset: The Male Buffalo Calf.


Swadhan is in line with the Government of India’s Livestock Development efforts.


Currently, your male buffalo calf either dies or you
sell them off for very little money.


Enroll your male buffalo calf in Swadhan program

  • Get preventive healthcare from Rural India Solutions
  • Reduce risk of death of your male buffalo calf
  • Tagging and monitoring of your male buffalo calf
  • The program is for 18 months
  • Guaranteed buy back of your male buffalo calf
  • All you need to do is feed it hara and sukha chaara, give it water, and not let it get lost!

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You can also get a subsidy for male calf rearing from Government of India.

Become a Swadhan Business Partner and Earn ₹₹₹

Through Swadhan, small and marginal farmers will be able to make a profit of between INR 10000-15000 when they rear their Male Buffalo Calf till it’s 22 months old. We enable the farmers by providing them with nutritious feed, preventative healthcare and educating the farmer on best practice.

These male calves have a huge potential to add value to:

small marginal farmers

1. The small and marginal farmer




Feed Millers

Youth and women

Youth and Women

The project is designed as:

1. Small and marginal farmers who have a male buffalo calf that is aged greater than 4 months receive preventative health care for their male buffalo calf – this involves immunisation and deworming.
2. The farmer receives a special protein-rich feed for 18 months (a new formulation being given to millers in the nearby region to further add wealth and employment).
3. We provide education and training in optimal fodder growth and taking care of animals.
4. We buy back the male buffalo calf after 18 months when it is about 22 months old.

Male Buffalo Calf Rearing – Partners in Punjab

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